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* Exhibition "La terre au-delà", French institute of Slovenia

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* Exhibition "Faits d'hiver", French Institute of Slovenia

* Interview and pictures in eSlovénie (Fr)




Terrified when I see time flying, I travel to slow it down.

As it is not enough, I photograph to stop it.


I grew up between the wild coast of Brittany, the mountains of Vercors, and the tropical paradise of Martinique. Very early, this provided me with a deep sense of travel, adventure, nature and beautiful landscapes.

My passion for photography started in the late 90's, when I acquired two manual analog Contax bodies, a set of prime lenses and an enlarger. I started to learn all the camerawork and black and white darkroom techniques. In the early 2000's, I travelled a lot (cycling or hitch hiking across Europe), and I had many opportunities to snapshoot lanscapes and inhabitants of countries like Romania, Laos, or Slovenia where I settle to live several years.


In 2009, I settled in Hong Kong to teach foreign languages. That's when I operated my “moving” to digital SLR. Photography could start all over, and become a true a way of life, in the digital age... and in the fascinating world of Asia!

Back in Europe, I settled once again in Slovenia, a country that had become a second home. In this photographer's heaven of pristine lakes, green forests and alpine rivers, I quickly developed a more nature and landscape photography, using the beautiful sceneries to express emotions and moods. I worked intensively on the very special qualities of light, that I intend to tracscribe on my photographs.

You may visit my Fine art prints page if you wish to purchase a limited edition (25 prints) and hand signed photographs.


In 2014, I decided to move “back home” and start a new activity: Photo workshops in Brittany as well as photo tours and trips in Europe and Asia. I love passing on my passion, and, after teaching languages for more than ten years, I found natural to gather these two aspects of my life: Teaching and photography.


My work has now been exhibited in several countries and published several times, on paper magazines as well as by international blogs and websites. You can follow me on my Facebook page, on Instagram, on Google+ as well as on 500px. On the blog page of the site, you'll be able to sign up for the Newsletter and easily receive the last news directly by email.


May you have any question or query, felle free to contact me privately using the form on the website, or sending an email to info@sebastienblond.com


Texts and pictures of this website are the property of Sébastien Blond.

Do not reproduce without permission.